Add A Server To A Project


  • Prerequisites
  • Login to Rapid.Space Panel
  • Access Project
  • Access Server
  • Transfer Server
  • Verification

This document explains how to add a server to a project.


  • A project on Panel
  • A server on Panel

Before you start, please ensure that you have an available project on the panel. The project can be created by adding A New Project or joining the shared project from your team. Also, please prepare a server you want to transfer to the project. The server is a computer with SlapOS Node installed.

Login to Rapid.Space Panel

SlapOS Dashboard - Login

Log into the Rapid.Space Panel.

Access Project

SlapOS Dashboard - Add Project

Click Projects button on the sidebar and enter the project you created for your team.

Access Server

SlapOS Dashboard - Server List

Locate the Servers entry on the side menu to access the list of servers. Click on one of the available servers to access its configuration parameters.

Server Transfer

SlapOS Dashboard - Server Configuration

On the Computer node page, you can click Transfer on the toolbar to process.

On the configuration parameters, note the Allocation Scope parameter on the right hand side. It determines to whom the server can provide software instantiation services. The following options are possible:

  • Open/Public: anyone can request an a service
  • Open/Personal: accessible only by the owner of the computer
  • Open/Friend: accessible to a limited group of users defined by email
  • Closed/Forever: computer is gone and will not be used again
  • Closed/Maintenance: unavailable due to scheduled maintenance
  • Closed/Termination: service allocation stopped due to future termination
  • Closed/Outdated: computer has not contacted SlapOS Master for too long

To change the scope, select one of the available options and click Save

Note, that extending the number of allocation scopes is possible. However, for setting user permissions, it is better to use projects and/or organisations.

Process Transfer

SlapOS Dashboard - Server Transfer Destination

Select your Future Project from the list then click Proceed to complete the transfer.

In the dialog you can see the current site and location (if they have been set). Select the site and location you want to transfer this server to, then click Proceed. Note, you can also only set a single parameter, but while is not necessary to have both site and project declared on a server, they should have both be defined to have a clear association.


SlapOS Dashboard - Server associated to Site and Project

Back on your server menu you can now see that the server has been transferred to the site and project chosen.

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