Add A Service To A Project


  • Prerequisites
  • Login to Rapid.Space Panel
  • Access Project
  • Access Service
  • Transfer Service
  • Verification

Projects in the Rapid.Space Panel are a way to organise your services by project, monitor them all at once and share them with your project team. This tutorial gives step-by-step instruction on creating a new project.


  • A project on Panel
  • A service on Panel

Before you start, please ensure that you have an available project on the panel. The project can be created by adding A New Project or joining the shared project from your team. Also, please prepare a service you want to transfer to the project. The services can be anything requested from SlapOS master, listing on the service list on panel.

Login to Rapid.Space Panel

SlapOS Dashboard - Login

Log into the Rapid.Space Panel.

Access Project

SlapOS Dashboard - Add Project

Click Projects button on the sidebar and enter the project you created for your team.

Access Service

SlapOS Dashboard - Name Project

Click Services button on the sidebar and locate the service (instance tree) you want to add to the project. 

Service Transfer

SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

On the instance tree page, you can click Transfer on the toolbar to process.

Process Transfer

SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

Select your Future Project from the list then click Proceed to complete the transfer.


SlapOS Dashboard - Create Project

Click back to your project page. The transferred service is listed there.

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