Connect To A VPS Via VNC Over IPv4

Access Hosting Subscription

🔗 Rapid.Space Panel


Click on 🔗 Rapid.Space Panel, and login with your Rapid.Space account to reach the Services list as showing in the presentation. Click on the subscription of your VPS to access the detailed parameters of this subscription.

Click on the URL

Click on the URL

As you have access the subscription, you will find a KVM0-url in your Connection Parameters. The number after KVM can be changed (eg., KVM1-url, KVM2-url...) if you have multiple KVMs while the URL to your VPS via VNC is always displayed like the strings in the screenshot. You can click it and enter your VM immediately. 



After click Connect, the user interface of your VM will be displayed in your browser. By default, Rapid.Space VPS provides a Debian installation guide, you can follow How to install default Linux VPS to install the Debian OS. If you prefer to install other operating systems on your VPS, please read the following lectures:

HowTo Deploy A VPS With A Different Linux Distribution On Rapid.Space

HowTo Deploy A VPS With Windows On Rapid.Space



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