Deploy A VPS With Other OS


  • Access Hosting Subscription
  • Fill in the Boot Image List
  • Restart the machine

You are free to install any operating system on your VPS. Although a Debian 10 install image is pre-installed for you. Here we will introduce how to install a different OS. 

We have prepared most of Linux distribution in the Boot Image Option on Rapid.Space Panel by How To Deploy A VPS With A Different Linux Distribution On Rapid.Space. However, for the other customised OS, such as Windows, Clonezilla, you can also install them on Rapid.Space VPS. 

Access Hosting Subscription

🔗 Rapid.Space Panel


Click on 🔗 Rapid.Space Panel, and login with your Rapid.Space account to reach the Services list as showing in the presentation. Click on the subscription of your VPS to access the detailed parameters of this subscription.

Fill in the Boot Image List

The list shall be list of direct URLs to images, followed by hash (#), then by image MD5SUM. Each image shall appear on newline, like: "<newline>". They will be provided in KVM image list according to the order on the list. After updating the list, the instance has to be restarted to refresh it. Amount of images is limited to 4, and one image can be maximum 10G. Image will be downloaded and checked against its MD5SUM 4 times, then it will be considered as impossible to download with given MD5SUM. Each image has to be downloaded in time shorter than 4 hours, so in case of very slow images to access, it can take up to 16 hours to download all of them. Note: The instance has to be restarted in order to update the list of available images in the VM. Note: Maximum 3 ISOs are supported.

If you want to have a Windows OS, you will also need to add virtio-win from

In order to get MD5SUM of an image, you can find some tutorials online. 

Here is an example Boot Image List to install Windows with virto-win:

Please note: Since new version of KVM (1.0.191) released, the qemu process will now restart automatically as soon as you change a parameter (so the VM will reboot).

Wait untill the status button become green. It takes time to download the image. you will have the installation image ready. If you want to install a Windows OS, please check How to Deploy a VPS with a different OS (Windows) on Rapid.Space

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