Request A VPS With Invitation


  • Access Rapid.Space
  • Place reservation
  • Input Invitation Token
  • Confirm Reservation
  • Receive confirmation email
  • Machine ready
  • Access the subscription

This tutorial will teach you how to request a Rapid.Space VPS with an invitation token. If you don't have one, you can follow How To Request A Rapid.Space VPS.

At the end of tutorial, you will have your Rapid.Space VPS to use.

Access Rapid.Space

🔗 Rapid.Space Click RESERVE YOUR VPS

Rapid Space Website Place Reservation Home Page

To use VM services provides by Rapid Space, users are required to register and order a machine through the website ordering page: Order your Machine

This document covers the steps of registering a Rapid Space user account and order a VM with an invitation token.

Place reservation

Rapid Space Website Place Reservation

Input your name, email address and number of machines you want to order, choose the machine locations you prefer, as well as your invitation token.

Note, please input a validated email address which will be your login account and receiving important informations.

Input Invitation Token

before your click Reserve now! Please input your invitation token. 

Please note that each order you submit on this page will become one subscription once the invitation token is verified, you can order one or more VM(s) in one subscription. The invoices will be issued per subscription.


Confirm Reservation

Once you land on Thank you for your request page, your reservation has been successfully recorded. Please check your register email to get the confirmation.

Receive confirmation email

Example Email After Ordered VPS From Rapid.Space

You will receive a confirmation email in few minutes, which gives you the link to the panel, as well as your login account. Please don't forget to check your spam box. If you don't receive the confirmation email within this time, please contact the Rapid Space Support Team by email: (Please note that this email doesn't mean that the machine is ready, the machine shall be ready usually in within 1-2 hours) 

Receive VM Ready Email

Once you receive the email: Your VM is ready, you can check your VM at Rapid.Space Panel. 

Please note, you may receive an email Waiting for payment, since you are using invitation token, you should ignore it and just wait for Your VM is ready.

Machine ready


Once your machine is ready, you will receive another email to inform you. When you login to your panel, you will see the subscription and its state bar becomes green. 

Access the subscription

Click on your subscription, you will be directed to the subscription panel page, where you can also find the information of VM(s) that were ordered during this subscription. To get more information, please move to next lessons.

Thank You

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