SDN For A Single Server

How To Use SDN For A Single Server

Requirement List

Download re6st

Free re6st network:


Production re6st network:


For the people in China, please use this link for free network: 


For the people in China, please use this link for production network: 


Please note that the free service has certain limitations:

  • Free services are only available for 6 months;
  • Free services can be stopped at any time by Rapid.Space without notification;
  • Free services users may be requested to confirm the services they use every month.

Run re6st

sudo FORCE=yes bash re6st

Since you already have a token from How To Request A Rapid.Space Re6st Token, you can just run the re6st command with root.

Enter Token

Your token [notoken]: [Your_token]

The script will then download some packages and install re6st. Type the token you got in above when the script asks.

If you are using copy/paste, beware of whitespaces or invisible characters that might be added when pasting your token.
Please also make sure you have a free token if using free network, or a production token if using production network.

Please skip or input no for this question:
Enable Router Advertisement [no]: no

You need to enable the router advertisement when Setup SDN On A Local Area Network.

Test ipv6

ip -6 route

There are multiple ways to check if you can access IPv6 network. You can see the IPv6 address from the command ip -6 route. You can easily go to some test IPv6 website like with your different devices under the local network.

Thank You

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