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Simple RAN for 5G Sovereignty

Rapid.Space Roadmap towards open source RRH and O-RAN
  • Last Update:2022-03-31
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The fast track towards 5G independence

Many areas are still not covered by 4G and 5G networks: buildings, underground car parks, factories outside cities, remote villages, etc.

Coverage of those areas can be a difficult task for telecom companies because investments are high, demand is unpredicatble and the number of users is low.

Many users are thus left with no option.

We will introduce how Rapid.Space can solve this situation in cooperation with telecom companies thanks to an all-in-one, autonomous, open source RRU and BBU with a typical cost of less than 2000€.


Rapid.Space was founded in 2020 by Nexedi, Amarisoft and a few VIPs of the IT and telecom inudustries.

Nexedi brings its open source stack, in particular its billing platform, its edge-cloud platform and its big data platform, all open source.

Amarisoft brings its purely software defined 4G/5G stack which covers all aspects needed for commercial deployment, including SA, NSA, NBIoT, etc.

Custumer Portfolio

Industry Customers
Automotive & Transportation PSA Group ● Mitsubishi Motors ● Toyota Group ● SANEF ● Oregon Department of Transportation ● Emovis
Defence & Aerospace Airbus Defence ● MBDA ● Unnamed 1 ● Unnamed 2
Chemical & Drugs Sankei Chemical ● Kyorin
Electronics Seltech ● Olimex 
Government IMT ● Unnamed 1
Telecom Alsatis ● BJT ● Globaltel ● 5G Rural first ● Unnamed 1 ● Unnamed 2

Hardware Portfolio


Technology Portfolio

    Open Source Licensed Source Supplier
Software LTE/NR PHY   Amarisoft
eNodeB/gNodeB   Amarisoft
EPC/5GC/IMS   Amarisoft
NMS/OSS/BSS   Nexedi
Edge/Cloud Stack   Nexedi
Big Data Platform   Nexedi
Hardware Low Power RRH   Rapid.Space
High Power RRH   AW2S
Cloud Server ITRenew/MITAC
Industry 4.0 IoT   Olimex
Edge Gateway / Switch   Edge-core
Service Converged Cloud & vRAN   Rapid.Space

Amarisoft gNodeB vs. Other

  Amarisoft Other
100% Software Defined
(Intel, AMD or ARM CPU)

(Intel FPGA needed)
Licensed source N/A
Customers > 600 N/A
Large industry adopters 2 0
Carrier adopters 5 1
Strict 3GPP compliance
ETSI ORI RRH compliance
Fits into existing networks
4G/5G Shared Spectrum
4x4 100 Mhz
4x4 100 MHz QAM 256
8x8 100 Mhz
8x8 100 MHz QAM 256
Watt / MHz < 0.1 N/A

Amarisoft gNodeB in the lab

Cell Config 5G UE Module DL UL RX/TX min. CPU Load
2 cell LTE 20MHz FDD 4x4 + 2 cell NR 100MHz TDD 4x4 Amarisoft Simbox 3.6 gb/s 264 mb/s 0.96ms 664%
2 cell LTE 20MHz FDD 4x4 + 2 cell NR 50MHz FDD 4x4 Amarisoft Simbox 2.77 gb/s 515 mb/s 1.22ms 640%
4 cell NR 100MHz TDD 4x4 Amarisoft Simbox 5.92 gb/s 370 mb/s 0.55ms 1130%
1 cell LTE 20MHz FDD 4x4 + 3 cell NR 100MHz TDD 4x4 Amarisoft Simbox 4.80 gb/s 316 mb/s 0.87ms 803%
1 cell LTE 20MHz FDD 4x4 + 1 cell NR NSA 100MHz TDD 4x4 Telit FN 980 1.97 gb/s N/A 1.3ms 375%
1 cell LTE 20MHz FDD 4x4 + 1 cell NR NSA 100MHz TDD 4x4 Telit FN 980 1.97 gb/s 156 mb/s 1ms 442%
2 cell LTE 20MHz FDD 4x4 + 1 cell NR NSA 100MHz TDD 4x4 Telit FN 980 2.33 gb/s 156 mb/s 0.9ms 544%
2 cell nsa 20MHz FDD 100MHz TDD: (b3 2x2 + n78 4x4) / (b1 4x4 + n41 4x4) Telit FN 980 + Quectel RG 500Q-EA 3.56 gb/s N/A 0.37ms 650%

Business Model

Company Component Licensing Training Support Managed Operation Integration
Amarisoft gNodeB software    
Nexedi gNodeB OSS    
Rapid.Space managed gNodeB    
Local Partner integration service    


At the end of the project, buildings, car parks and factories can benefit of 4G/5G based on a cost efficient solution vRAN for low power coverage (2x0.5W max). The software and hardware solution is available and mature.

Beyond coverage extension application, Rapid.Space partners can provide high power coverage in other areas, in particular as an altenative to traditional telecom infrastructure vendors. Rapid.Space RRH partners already manufactures mature 2x40W, 4x40W and RRH models, and have capability to design 8x40W RRH.  

Thank You

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For more information, please contact Jean-Paul, CEO of Rapid.Space (+33 629 02 44 25 or jp@rapid.space).