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HowTo Apply RMA Process

Explain the RMA Process for Rapid.Space product and service.
  • Last Update:2024-01-30
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

The steps to follow when a RMA process needs to be applied. 

Step 1: Download the latest version of Rapid.Space RMA Form and fill it up by following instruction. 

Rapid.Space RMA Form-v1 (Download)

Step 2: Send the RMA Form to your sale lead in Rapid.Space.

Step 3: Rapid.Space team will evaluate the information and fill up their comments, and then send back with a dedicated RMA Reference. 

RMA#: Assign RMA Reference "RMA-R-ProductS/N" (Return) / "RMA-F-ProductS/N" (Fix in distance)

Issued Date: Date of receiving the RMA form

RS Engineer: (who evaluate the form)

Need to Return: Yes / No

IRMA/ORMA: IRMA (In Warranty of Return Merchandise Authorization) / ORMA (Out of Warranty Return Merchandise Authorization)

Repair Charge Fee (EURO): 0 / repairing cost

Additional Comments: Detailed description on the evaluation of the reported defect. 

Step 4: Return or Fix remotely

If the defect product should be sent back for repairing, please send back with RMA Reference on the package. (The shipper takes the shipping fee)

If the defect product can be fix remotely, Rapid.Space team will contact you in the email to arrange a remote fix session.