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RapidSpace Roadmap

Describe the roadmap of RapidSpace for future improvements
  • Last Update:2020-06-16
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Here is the list of future improvements to RapidSpace service.


Erase customer disk after end of service

Right now, the disks are only erased partially after the client quit RapidSpace (see rapidspace-HowTo.Erase.My.Data). The data should be totally and securely erased.


Improve Graphical Interface

The graphical interface is not intuitive for a new user. It should provide more information about what is happening right now and what the user should expect. Also the graphical interface must acknowledge the user's action.


Manage our switches via SlapOS

The top-of-the-rack switches are regular switches from Edgecore. They should run SlapOS and should be manged through SlapOS.


Ease installation of numerous machines

Provide a way for the customer to have a Debian preseed installation file to automatically install its machine.


Easily install another OS

Right now, the way to install another OS is to boot with a NBD pointing to an ISO of the chose OS. This method has 2 major drawbacks:

  • the NBD protocol is very slow and thus installation is very long. It's also depending a lot on the latency to the NBD server, which may render the full process unusable (more than 10 hours to load Ubuntu ISO for example)
  • we can't boot with several ISO (Windows installation needs Windows ISO itself and ISO for VirtIO drivers)

The new way of doing should let the use input a list of links to ISO images and have the KVM SR download all the ISO links and boot from this. If the ISO list change, the wrapper will download the new ISO images and prepare the KVM script to boot on those new ISO but it won't restart the KVM process automatically (user will still need to stop/wait/start its VM to boot on the new ISO). The process will use ulimit to limit the size of downloaded ISO to 5GB.