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How to test RapidSpace from China ?

Describe how a human being can test RapidSpace service from China.
  • Last Update:2020-10-02
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

This page describes an extensive procedure to test the RapidSpace service from China


I Websites


II Order machines

  • go to https://www.xunkongjian.cn and order one machine with a new email and pay with wechat
    • make sure you receive an email with your account detail
    • make sure you can log in https://console.xunkongjian.cn with your new credential
    • make sure you receive an email to say your machine is ready
    • measure the time to receive a VM
  • follow your VM link
    • make sure you see a Debian installer page


III Install machine


IV Put services in the machine and access through frontend

  • Install wordpress on the machine
    • make sure you can see wordpress on the IPv6 of your machine
  • Request a frontend folowing ??? and configure it
    • make sure you can go to your wordpress through the URL of your frontend
  • Register a new domain name in Ali and setup it to use the Nexedi free frontend in China; configure the frontend with your domain
    • make sure you can go to your wordpress with the new domain