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SOOCon24 presentation: ORS, carrier-grade Open Source Hardware radio

Presentation done at https://stateofopencon.com/schedule2024/
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  • Open Radio Station : short presentation
  • Key Applications
  • Inside ORS SDR (hardware)
  • OSS/BSS: plug-and-play edge (software)
  • Roadmap
  • Carrier grade features
  • References
  • Questions

The Open Radio Station


ORS : Open Radio Station

2T2R • 40 MHz • 2x1W • eNb • gNB • epc • 5GC • IMS • OSS/BSS • MCPTT • OPC-UA • PLCopen

LTE • NR • LTE + NR • plug-and-play • edge node

B1 • B2 • B3 • B4 • B5 • B7 • B8 • B10 • B12 • B13 • B20 • B25 • B26 • B28 • B30 • B38 • B39 • B40 • B41 • B42 (N78) • B43 (N78) • B48 • B49 • N77 • N79



Standard Logistic Flow


Partner Logistic Flow


Open Source SDR with PA

Analog front-end (AD) • PA • filters • GPS • power supply PoE • supply network • open source hardware


Standard SBC (Intel i5)

SlapOS (OSS/BSS/Edge/Orchestration) • Amarisoft (eNb/gNb/epc/5gc)
re6st (low latency IPv6 feed network)


Radio over PCIe


ORS Software Stack

Role Name License
NMS/OSS/BSS for vRAN and edge SlapOS open source
Backhaul re6st open source
eNb/gNb/epc/5gc/ims Amarisoft licensed source
Messaging Delta.chat w/ Dovecot open source
Video streaming and PTT Galene open source
IDE for edge services Theia open source
PLC (option) Beremiz open source
IoT gateway (option) fluentd open source
CDN (option) HAProxy open source



ORS Main Applications


Public safety (video)


Rural coverage (video)


Industry (video)


Inside ORS SDR




Transceiver: analog to digital


FPGA: glue with PCIe


PA: TX (number of UEs)

  • previous TX chain: AD -> LNA -> PAs (x2) -> TDD switch -> Filter -> antenna
    • pro : had only 1 filter for both RX and TX
    • cons : filter is very big (to support RF output power) and it is adding 1.5dB loss 
  • current TX chain: AD -> LNA -> Filter -> PAs (x4) -> TDD switch -> antenna
    • note that only the TDD switch must be correctly sized for RF power (currently HMC784)
    • we have now 4 "small" filters (2 for RX and 2 for RX)

LNA: RX (range)

  • previous RX chain: Antenna -> Filter -> TDD switch -> LNA -> AD
  • current RX chain: Antenna -> TDD switch -> Filter -> LNA -> AD
  • possible improvements:
    • selective LNA depending on the freq (currently it is generic 0-6GHz LNA)
    • even thinner band for filter 

Mechanics: dissipation and interference

OSS/BSS: plug-and-play


Architecture of the OSS/BSS (SlapOS)




Provisioning of the ORS with a Token


ORS configuration GUI


ORS Control CLI and API






Add an edge service






ORS Roadmap

B46/N46, 100 Mhz, 2x10W, PTP via PTM


10 W PA


ORS derivatives

  • Built-in UE (ex. NR, starlink, Wifi)
  • Multiple frequencies (ex. 2T2R B38 + 2T2R N77)
  • More layers (ex. 4T4R, 8T8R)
  • More power (ex. 40W)
  • Support other vendors to adopt ORS design 

Carrier grade features



  • We already supply tier-1 telcos and hyperscalers
  • Most extensive 3GPP coverage for RAN (incl. NTN)
  • Tested with CISCO, Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson cores
  • More than 512 UEs (NR) tested on a single ORS
  • More than 1024 UEs (NR) simulated
  • Built-in NMS/OSS/BSS
  • 3GPP KPIs

Base Band Unit (BBU)

Public vRAN (D-RAN or C-RAN) • up to 192 LTE RUs or 32 NR RUs per BBU

AMD • Hygon • Intel • CPRI Split 8 • (eCPRI Split 7.2)


Radio Unit (RU)

Plug-and-play firmware • end-to-end test • CPRI • O-RAN


Strategic accelerator: independence in 3 months