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HowTo Upgrade Lopcomm RU Firmware With Rapid.Space

Upgrade Lopcomm RU Firmware With Rapid.Space
  • Last Update:2023-09-17
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

HowTo Upgrade Lopcomm RU Firmware With Rapid.Space

This tutorial  explains how to upgrade Lopcomm RU firmware with Rapid.Space .

The Lopcomm RRH used for the tutorial is B1 4TR: The CPRI card used in the Tutorial is from Amarisoft (4x2.5Mhz)

The software regarding firmware auto-upgrading has not been released at the time of this writing.



  1. Preparation
  2. Upload firmware
  3. Update ors-amarisoft
  4. End-to-end testing
  5. Release ors-amarisoft
  6. Upgrade NMS instance


Before you start:

  • Lopcomm RU supports auto-upgrade starting from V1005+  (not released yet)
    • Starting from V1005+, RU supports downloading firmware from NMS via SFTP server with SSH key to achieve the goal of upgrading automation
    • Operator should get ssh-key from RU manually to input on NMS instance via panel. It will be automated in the future release.
  • ors-amarisoft V1.0.344+ (not released yet)
  • A newer version of firmware (.tar.gz) to upgrade
    • Firmware should be provided by Lopcomm according to their release plan
  • WebDAV tool (or similar tool) to upload the firmware
  • End-to-end testing (not released yet)
    • test_ors to test if new version still works
    • It could be added to Lopcomm's final validation 

The goal is to have a new software release of ors-amarisoft with tested Lopcomm firmware, then only upgrade the NMS (ors-amarisoft) on the BBU side.

The upgrade of RU firmware will be done automatically. There is also a (an) promise (alarm) check if the firmware of RU is updated to the version described in NMS. 


Upload firmware

The firmware should be uploaded to somewhere like https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/ors-utils/tree/master/lopcomm-firmware

so it can be easily downloaded to BBU by slapos.recipe.build:download


recipe = slapos.recipe.build:download
url = https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/ors-utils/raw/master/lopcomm-firmware/${:filename}
filename = PR.PRM61C70V1004.002.tar.gz
md5sum = 4e06fd62968f9f53fd819ef8d880a8f4
destination = ${directory:etc}/${:filename}
offline = false

Replace the url, filename and md5sum of the firmware. Filename is necessary for version verification:

 if running_slot_name_build_version in "{{firmware_name}}"

Update ors-amarisoft


After [lopcomm-firmware-dl] in instance-enb.jinja2.cfg is updated accordingly, rendering templates and hash updates are neccessary. 

It requires knowledge of Developing instance profiles with Rapid.Space. Feel free to ask help from us. 

End-to-end testing

End-to-end testing should be passed for all the promises and UE connection.

End-to-end testing

End-to-end testing should be passed for all the promises and UE connection.


Release ors-amarisoft

Follow How To Add A Software Release Attached To A Software Product to release the new verison of ors-amarisoft




Upgrade NMS instance

NMS instance should receive an auto-upgrade ticket from slapos master to process. 

or by How To Request An Instance In Command Line to request the NMS with the same title but updated SR url.