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How To Add Addtional ERP5 Login To Existing Peson

  • Last Update:2022-12-19
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Access SlapOS Master ERP5
  • Access Person
  • Create ERP5 Login
  • Edit ERP5 Login
  • Verification

This tutorial teaches the operator of SlapOS master how to add ERP5 Login for the person in ERP5.

Access SlapOS Master ERP5

Access SlapOS Master ERP5 with authority. 

Access Person

Access the person you want to add ERP5 Login.
Clicking + Add allows you to create documents for the person.

Create ERP5 Login

Select EPR5 Login as the document type then click Create Document.

Edit ERP5 Login

Edit your User Login. Click Save button to save the user login. The password will be defined later.

Then click Validate on the left panel to validate the ERP5 Login.


You can now login your SlapOS Master Frontend with the new ERP5 Login.

From the login page, use "I forgot my password" and enter the user login. This will send an email to the email address registered on the person.