Hyper Open Edge Cloud

How-To Change Instance Tree Allocation

Explains how to change the already allocated Instance Tree in various scenarios.
  • Last Update:2022-07-20
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


There are cases that already allocated Instance Tree has to be changed. Some Software Releases are able to change the Instance Tree, but for cases when they do not or when root Software Instance has to be changed Operator has to take proper actions.

The typical use cases for those actions are:

  • need to move root Software Instance to another computer
  • need to move resilient clone or resilient PBS to another computer

Locate the Instance Tree directly or via Support Request

Locate the Instance Tree directly or navigate to it from Operator Assigned Support Request.

Analyze situation / Contact User

Check carefully the whole Instance Tree, and find the Software Instance to work on. Remember, that in some cases, for example in case of resilient main instance (but not resilient root instance) access to data will be lost, whereas data will stay until cleanup phase.

If the instance is a production one, contact the owner of the instance via chat (if user is logged in) or via email with following information:

Hello, I need to move the instance XXXX (PBS or runner1) of your service YYYYY. Your service will become red for a short while. Can I do it now ? 

Wait for user reply before doing the move.

Before moving the instance check that there is no SLA which would conflict with the desired state, like for example that runner1 of resilient webrunner is set on given computer, or that SLA for the Instance Tree puts root Software Instance on given computer. In such case coordinate changes with the user, so that new instance will be requested eslewhere.

Take actions

  1. Navigate to the Software Instance in question.
  2. Check again that it's the exact instance to be moved.
  3. In the classic UI select action Rename and Request Destroy. Read carefully the information and if you're sure click Rename and Request Destroy button. You'll see that Software Instance title and software release are changed and that it became Destroy Requested.
  4. After some time the new instance will be automatically re-requested and the Instance Tree will restabilize.
  5. As the restabilization and migration takes time, there is big chance, that Support Request will be created for this Instance Tree. Check out the contents of this information and add Incident Report informing that this comes from Operator management of the tree.