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Rack Documentation Template

Template for documenting Rapid.Space rack.
  • Last Update:2021-07-26
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Note: Use this web page as template and fill in XXXes. Then, remove this text.

Rack Name XXX


XXX - provide text description about the rack, add a photo of the rack.

The rack is in <XXX-DC>.

Servers information

Network configuration

IPMI information

IPMI interface: SFP+ or RJ-45
IPMI username: <XXX-IPMI_USER>
IPMI how to physically connect: <XXX-HOW_TO_CONNECT>
IPMI cheat sheet: https://handbook.rapid.space/operator/rapidspace-HowTo.IPMI

Installation procedure

Machines were installed according the how-to <link-to-XXX-how-to-os-server-installation> which resulted with report <link-to-installation-report-XXX>.

Spare parts


Internet provider

Datacenter address and way to contact

Remote hands contact

Remote maintenance device contact

Server supplier contact

Switch supplier contact

Rack important local modifications