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How can I obtain the x.log file to compute KPIs for ORS?
  • Last Update:2024-02-20
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Q: How can I obtain the xlog file to compute KPIs for ORS ?

A: Please refer to How To Manage Your ORS on the Rapid.Space Panel to find the public log, where the xlog is located. 

Tips: on your enb/gnb instance tree on panel, there is a Connection Parameter named: 


You can access to the public log without any credential but extending https://softinstXXXX.host.vifib.net to https://softinstXXXX.host.vifib.net/share/public/

enb.xlog or gnb.xlog is listed in public log directory. The final URL will be https://softinstXXXX.host.vifib.net/share/public/enb.xlog or  https://softinstXXXX.host.vifib.net/share/public/gnb.xlog


 https://softinstXXXX.host.vifib.net/share/public/Xnb.xlog then can be used directly for KPI computing with Jupyter Notebook (KPI demo notebook)


To simply compute the KPIs with xlog, you may replace (twice) the URL by your xlog

xlog_uri = "https://lab.nexedi.com/kirr/misc/raw/162307b9/lte/20221211-overload.xlog"

in the KPI demo Jupyter Notebook and run.