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How To Connect Your ORS To Third Party's Core Network On Panel

The process to connect your ORS to third Party's Core Network on Panel
  • Last Update:2024-02-20
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Join your project on panel.rapid.space

You must first join your project on panel.rapid.space with the invitation link given in the email. Please make sure you are already logged in with your account before clicking the link.


Use the right software type


To connect a eNB / gNB to an external core network, you can use services with software type "enb" / "gnb"

AMF and PLMN parameters

There are two important parameters to connect to another core network:

  • AMF List: List of addresses of your external core networks
  • PLMN List: List of PLMN settings which you might need to change to adapt to your external core network

If you are doing 4G, please replace "AMF" with "MME" along this tutorial. By default, addresses are IPv6 addresses from the Re6st Network, if your external core network is not part of Re6st Network then please enable "Use IPv4" option in the parameters, in that case you will be able to use local IPv4.

Configure AMF List

First, enter a name for the core network you want to connect to (you can chose whatever name you want). Then, click on the "+" button on the right (highlighted in red on the picture)

Configure AMF List

Then, enter the AMF address of you core network, which will be either a global IPv6 or a local IPv4 depending if you enabled "Use IPv4" parameter or not. If you wish to add more core networks, change the name and click again on the "+" button.

Configure PLMN List

By default the PLMN configuration for ORS is:

  • PLMN ID (Public Land Mobile Network ID): 00101
  • TAC (Tracking Area Code): 100
  • No RANAC (RAN Area Code) is set
  • Reserved (Is the cell reserved for operator use): false

If this configuration is different for your core network, please configure the PLMN list. First, enter a name and click on the "+" button as for the AMF list. Then configure the parameters to match your core network.

Check the logs

Please refer to How To Manage Your ORS On Panel to see how to access the logs. Then, check the eNB or gNB logs to see if connection was successful between eNB / gNB and core network.