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How To Power On Your ORS

The process to power on your ORS
  • Last Update:2024-02-20
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

Warning: Please do not plug or unplug the POE RJ45 cable from the ORS while injector is powered on.

  • To unplug ORS: Unplug the electrical cord between the POE injector and the electrical outlet, then the RJ45 POE
  • To plug ORS: plug RJ45 POE to the ORS, then plug POE injector to electrical outlet

Doing otherwise might break some electrical components inside the ORS. Even if the ORS has been manually powered off through SSH (for those having root access) you still need to follow this procedure to unplug it.

Take out all the accessories

You will need your ORS, two N to SMA adaptors, two antennas, the POE cable, the POE adaptor, and the POE power supply cable.

Remove N Caps


Plug RJ45 POE connector without powering on

Plug a non-powered waterproof RJ45 POE connector (or a normal RJ45 cable). For the waterproof connector, make sure to turn the connector clockwise all the way to the end after plugging it.

Screw the N to SMA adaptors

Make sure the adaptors are screwed all the way to the end, you don't have to screw it very tightly.

Screw the antennas

Make sure the antennas are tight, then carefully screw them all the way to the end by holding the part closer to the ORS. Be careful as the antennas are a little fragile

Turn the antennas facing up

Hold the end of the antennas and slowly and carefully turn them to make them face up.

Bend the antennas upward


Space the antennas apart from each other

Space the antennas apart from each other for a better radio transmission and emission.

Plug POE and network to POE adaptor

Plug the POE cable to the POE port of your POE adaptor, and the network cable to the LAN port of your POE adaptor. Make sure your POE adaptor is not yet powered on, the blue LED should be off.

Power POE adaptor on