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How To Reproduce ORS Demo

The process to follow to reproduce ORS demo
  • Last Update:2024-03-20
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

ORS demonstration in four steps

  • Step 1: ensure that RJ45 provides Internet
  • Step 2: prepare ORS
  • Step 3: run demo
  • Step 4: packing up after demonstration

Step 1: ensure that RJ45 provides Internet

You will need:

  • LAN cable
  • RJ45 USB adapter
  • Wifi Ethernet extender
  • A laptop

Step 1.1 Setting your smartphone as Wifi access point

  • First you need to set your smartphone as a Wifi access point.
  • Ssid: Nexedi
  • Password: 0120034005
  • Connect by Wifi your laptop to your smartphone access point. 
  • Try Internet access by connecting to www.google.com
  • If OK, move to next step (1.2), if not find reason why you cannot connect to the Internet via your smartphone. 


Step 1.2 Testing the LAN cable 


  • Then you need to test that the LAN cable provides Internet access. 
  • For this, turn off Wifi on your laptop. 
  • Then plug the USB RJ45 adapter to your laptop. The USB RJ45 LAN cable should be also connected to the Wifi Ethernet adapter. 
  • Try Internet access by connecting to www.google.com
  • If OK, move to next step (1.3) 
  • If not find reason why you can't connect to Internet via your USB RJ45 adapter and LAN cable

Step 1.3 Turning on Wifi on laptop

  • Disconnect USB RJ45 adapter from your laptop. 
  • Disconnect LAN cable from USBRJ45 adapter.
  • Turn on Wifi on your laptop
  • You no longer need USB Ethernet adapter. You can put it away. 
  • Move to step 2. 

Step 2: prepare ORS

For this step, you need: 

  • ORS (with antenna already set) 
  • ORS power adapter 
  • POE cable
  • LAN cable
  • Wifi ethernet gateway

WARNING: Connect everything exactly and in the same order as in the pictures, otherwise devices might break or the demonstration might not work.


Step 2.1.1: Connecting the POE cable 

  • Connect POE cable to POE connector of ORS power adapter

Step 2.1.2: Connecting the LAN cable

  • Connect LAN cable to LAN connector of ORS power adapter

Step 2.2 Plugging ORS power adapter to power

  • Plug ORS power adapter to power
  • You should hear "bip". If not, find reason.
  • After "bip", wait 10 minutes
  • Move to step 2.3

Step 2.3 Checking the panel rapid.space 1/3

  • Go to panel Rapid.Space
  • Go to "servers"
  • Make sure ORS125 is green
  • Move to step 2.4

Step 2.4 Checking the panel rapid.space 2/3

  • Go to panel Rapid.Space
  • Go to "services"
  • Make sure all services are green (except eNodeB which can be grey and GnodeB which can be red sometimes
  • Move to step 2.5

Step 2.5 Checking the panel rapid.space 3/3

  • If everything is green or grey at 2.4, turn on phones for demo ( Step 3)
  • If not...Go to panel rapid.space
  • Click on "Access Monitor"
  • This will open a new tab/window
  • Click on "Synchronise" to update the display of monitoring.
  • It is normal that check-rx-saturated" is red if ORS uses same frequency as operator.
  • It is normal that some promises are red for a few minutes if ORS reconfigures 
  • In all other cases, ask support


Step 3 Run the demonstration

  • Turn on phones
  • Make sure 5G appears
  • Make messaging demo
  • Make video demo

Step 3.1 Switch off

  • To turn off ORS, disconnect AC before anything else

Step 4: Packing up 1/3

  • Here is how to pack everything so that nothing gets damaged when travelling 
  • Put the ORS, the ORS mounting kit (you might not have this, not necessary for the demo), the two antennas and the two N-to-SMA adaptors in the box as such
  • Add plastic wrapping so nothing moves during your journey
  • Add the Wifi gateway 
  • Add plastic wrap
  • Finally, put the styrofoam cover and close the box.

Step 4.1: Packing up 2/3

  • Wrap the POE power supply like this

Step 4.2: Packing up 3/3

  • Put the ORS box in the big cardboard box, wrap the two phones in plastic bags, and put the two phones, the POE power supply box, the POE 5m Ethernet cable, the LAN cable, the RJ45 adaptor (optional) and the power strip (optional) in the box as shown above.