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How to Use Amarisoft On ORS With Root Access

Use Amarisoft Software For ORS With Root Access
  • Last Update:2024-07-19
  • Version:002
  • Language:en


  • Prerequisites
  • Update GIT repository
  • Configure Amarisoft
  • Restart LTE
  • Verification

This tutorial teaches how to configure Amarisoft Software for ORS. Please make sure you can ssh to the ORS before start.


First of all, if you have any Service running on our ORS through slapos, go to https://panel.rapid.space and stop all your services. You cannot run at the same time the service from SlapOS and the service as root.

ssh to ORS 

Please firstly ssh to the ORS with provided root credentials. 

$ ssh root@ipv6_address
# input root password

Update GIT repository

On the ORS, as root:

$ cd
$ cd config-amarisoft/
$ git pull

Let's get the git repository of config-amarisoft up-to-date.

Configure Amarisoft

We have provided some popular configuration files in config-amarisoft, such as:
enb.B38-2600.cfg  enb.B39-1890.cfg  enb.B42-3500.cfg  enb.B43-3700.cfg  gnb.N38-2600.cfg  gnb.N41-2595.cfg  gnb.N78-3489.cfg  gnb.N78-3699.cfg  

The list of the configuration file will certainly extend while developing.  You may use one of them to suit your ORS: enb.B means for 4G/LTE, gnb.N means for 5G/NR, the 2-digital number after B or N means the band, and the final 4-digital number means the frequency. 

For example, since the test ORS is at band 38, the link is made from enb.B38-2600.cfg as shown in the screenshot.

$ cd
$ cd enb/config/
$ ln -sf ors-config/<config> enb.cfg # Choose a configuration in ~/enb/config/ors-config, and make a link

Restart LTE

No matter 5G or 4G, the system service is named lte. The configuration will be applied after service restart: 

$ systemctl restart lte

Make sure LTE is started correctly:

$ systemctl status lte
● lte.service - Amarisoft LTE
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/lte.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Thu 2022-01-06 08:42:45 UTC; 26min ago
   Main PID: 589 (bash)
      Tasks: 3 (limit: 4464)
     Memory: 12.2M
     CGroup: /system.slice/lte.service
             ├─  589 /bin/bash /root/ots/ltestart.sh
             ├─  763 /bin/bash /root/ots/ltestart.sh
             └─17415 sleep 10

Jan 06 08:42:45 ORSx systemd[1]: Started Amarisoft LTE.


Enter the screen to get more information: 

$ screen -x lte

To switch the windows:


You can press ctrl + a to let screen know that you are going to send command, then press the number of the window. For instance, press ctrl + a then send 1, the window will be switched to [1 ENB].

To exit screen, press ctrl + a, then send d. More usage of screen, please refer to linux screen usage.

You can refer How To Interpret ORS Logs to verify if the Amarisoft LTE service is working properly.