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How To Use Websocket Of ORS

How to use websocket of ORS
  • Last Update:2024-02-20
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

To enable the websocket, enter a password in the "websocket password" field. If there is no password, you will not have access to the websocket.

WebSocket is primarily intended for quick testing purposes only. Please note that it will disable the WebSocket that we typically use to monitor the eNB service.


Please ask Rapid.Space team to get an example ws.js.

This is a nodejs program that allow to send message to LTEENB.

It requires nodejs to be installed:

dnf install nodejs npm

npm install nodejs-websocket

Use relevant package manager instead of NPM depending on your Linux distribution.

Then simply start it with server name and message you want to send:

./ws.js [gnb/enb-ipv6]:9001 '{"message": "config_get"}'

[gnb/enb-ipv6] can be found on "Connection Parameters" of your gnb/enb service