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How To Mount RJ45 to Waterproof Cable Mount Connector

The process to mount RJ45 to waterproof cable mount connector
  • Last Update:2024-02-20
  • Version:003
  • Language:en


Prepare Waterproof Cable Mount Connector

Prepare the waterproof cable mount connector from your ORS package and a shielded Ethernet cable. 

Waterproof Cable Mount Connector

Split the connector to 4 parts. Note that C is inside of B.

Cut rubber ring C

Please have C cut as shown in the picture.
Note: cutting rubber ring C is in order to pass the Ethernet cable through. Instead of doing this, you can also make your Ethernet cable so the cable itself can go through the rubber without the RJ45 connector.  

Pass the cable

Pass the shielded Ethernet cable through D C B A in order. 

Connect parts

Connecting each part tightly as original.

Tighten the connector

Turn tight D so that there is no gap between shielded Ethernet cable and rubber ring C.