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Howto Purchase Equipment

How to purchase equipment which fit into the Rapid Space equipment standard
  • Last Update:2023-11-07
  • Version:004
  • Language:en


In general, a node is composed of Rack + Power Supply Unit + OCP servers + Switch. Please find below detailed explanations, feel free to check on the Rapid.Space Shop for purchase. 


  • 21' OCP Rack is the preferable option, if the hosting DC only provide 19' traditional rack, ESA Kit (supplied by Mitac) can be used to adapt the existing 19' rack to OCP servers. 
  • A power cable supply should be prepared with the rack:
    • For one-phase power supply hosting site, the schema is Rack Input Cable Schema For Single Phase 20190712
    • For three-phase power supply hosting site, the schema is XX.
    • Attention: on both schema,  replace the Phoenix connector with reference 1967508  and adapt the component No.2 to the hosting site plug type. 

Power Supply Unit

  • There is one or several powershelf per rack. Usually for ESA kit there is only one powershelf.
  • A powershelf is made of:
    • 1 RMU
    • up to 5 PSU (up to 6 PSU for a powershelf in OCP rack)
  • One PSU is 3kW  
  • The number of PSU inside the powershelf is related to the quantity of ESA Kit and quantity of OCP servers installed in the ESA Kit. Usually, one 16OU ESA kit should use 2+1 PSU (6kW+3kW) for 19"EIA: 6kW for normal usage and 1 backup PSU in case one of the other 2 fails. 


  • In DC with existing traditional rack, a switch may already be equipped (double-check if it support the 10 Gbps between servers and has SFP+ ports).
  • In DC without existing rack, a Switch should be purchased (from Edgecore, etc) to ensure the 10 Gbps between servers, it is recommended to purchase the Edgecore Switch AS5812.
  • C13-C14 cables to power on the Switch (the powershelf has 2 C13 outlets directly powered from the input feed).
  • SFP+ Cable ET5402-DAC-2M to connect Switch to each OCP servers. 

OCP server

  • Tiogapass OCP server (Mitac - New) 
  • Recycled OCP server (IT Renew - Recycled) 
  • Capri OCP Server (Mitac - New)

The number of servers are depending on which and how many rack will be installed. For example, a 21' Open Rack can filled with maximum 36 OCP servers, a 16OU ESA Kit rack can filled with maximum 16 OCP servers. In addition, please make sure the maximum kw available per rack is being strictly followed. 

OCP server should meet at least the following standard concerning the configuration: 

List of component Specification Requirement Model Examples Quantity needed per OCP server
  • >= 10 cores
  • Brand: Intel Xeon
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4114
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4210
  • Total for one server = 256 GB
  • >=2666 Mbps
8/server or 16/server
big SSD
  • Samsung EVO or EVO Pro
  • >= 3.8 TB
  • (for internal knowledge: target price: 100€ / TB) 
  • MZ7LH3T8HMLT-00005 (datacenter PM883 4TB)
small SSD
  • Brand must be Samsung or Intel
  • Size >= 120 GB
  • NVME
  • MZ-V7S250BW (Samsung SSD 970 EVO NVMe M.2 250GB)
  • Compatible with the server model
  • Mezzanine card compatible with server
  • dual sfp+ 10 Gbps

Installation Tools

On the installation day, a list of tools should be prepared in advance. 

Items Comment Quantity
M6 Standard Screws/Nuts M6 机柜专用螺丝螺母 80
USB to RJ45 serial cable This is needed to access the switch console 1
Screen (tool) for example, DELL P2319H 23" 1
Keyboard (tool) You need a USB keyboard 1
Screwdriver (tool) T30 + kit 1
HDMI cable (tool) to connect screen, for example, PHILIPS HDMI SWL6118E/93 1
Graphic card (tool) for example, MAXSUN GeForce GT 710 PLUS 2G 64bit/D3 PCI-E  1

"Raspberry Pi"(with power supply +SD card)

(with Ipv6 installed, installation tutorials)  

Ethernet cable  to connect raspberry pi 1
Normal socket around to charge the RPi  to power on raspberry pi 1
Tools that are usually available in data centers
RJ45 network cable(back up)   5
SFP+ to RJ-45 transceiver If the internet connection in the hosting environment is a coper cable in RJ45 format, it is needed (reference:  https://www.amazon.fr/Compatible-SFP-Ge-T-1000Base-T-Transceiver-connecteur/dp/B01AW5EHKG). If the internet connection in the hosting environment is a fiber cable directly in SFP format, then no need to prepare this tool.  1
label printer to print out labels for cable arrangement 1
HOOk&LOOP for cable arrangement  

Remote Maintenance Device

Remote maintenance are required from time to time. The main tools that should be kept on-site to assist maintenance are: 

  • "Raspberry Pi"(with power supply +SD card)
  • Ethernet cable
  • Normal socket around to power on the RPi

Download the Checklist

It's time to prepare equipment for your node. Click here to download the equipment checklist. 

Note: the downloaded checklist is using the example of one 16OU ESA Kit rack with Capri server. please change it according to your own use case.