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HowTo Manage Physically The Cables In OCP Rack

How to physically manage the cables inside an OCP rack.
  • Last Update:2020-05-15
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Importance of handling properly the cables

You need to know that it is really important to handle the cables in your rack correctly. It will help you in the future when you need to do maintenance in the rack. You can read those 2 articles to understand the importance of organizing the rack:

The OCP rack is quite easy to maintain regarding cables as you have only network cables (power comes from the bus bar in the back of the rack) but you shouldn't neglect cables anyway.


Needed Equipment

You will need all of the following equipment:

  • Velcro Straps (either with a buckle or not)

  • sticker printer

Before organising the cables

Here is what it looks like before you organize the cables:


Label the cables

Each cable must be labeled near the switch. The label must contain only the number of the server with 3 digit like "000", "001", etc...


Arrange the cables

For each row of server, the network cable should go to the middle of the rack. Depending whether the switch is above or below the servers, you need to make the cable:

  • go above the plastic tie of the row if the switch is at the bottom
  • go below the plastic tie of the row if the switch is at the top

The cables must be attached together with velcro strap each 2 rows in order to form a wiring harness.

The excessive amount of cable length must be rolled and attached with velcro. The diameter of the rolling circle should be approximately 15 centimeters. This roll should be inserted between the servers and the switch.

The internet connection cable must also go through the middle of the rack. It shouldn't be tie to the other cables. The excessive length of the cable must be rolled separately from the other cables.


After organising the cables

Here is a picture after the cables have been properly organised.