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Howto Replace Hard Disk Drive (HDD) For Tiogapass

Howto Replace Hard Disk Drive (HDD) For Tiogapass (The pictures are Leopard).
  • Last Update:2021-03-23
  • Version:002
  • Language:en


  1. Pull out the server
  2. Remove HDD
  3. Insert HDD
  4. Slide back the server
  5. Power On the Server

Power off the server

Perform a warm shut down on the server. Run:

ssh -l root <hostname> shutdown -h now

Disconnect the 10G NIC cable

Pull the Server

Pull the green retention plunger upwards and twist 90 degrees to lock in the upright position.

Pull the Server

Using the handle, pull the server away from the rack as shown.

Extend the server from the rack

Extend the server from the rack to ensure it has no power from the bus bar and you can easily access the failed component.

Pull the green retention lever

Locate the green retention lever and pull it to the right.

Release the HDD

While holding the lever to the right, simultaneously pull it outward to release the HDD from it's socket.

Finish seating the HDD

Finish seating the HDD by pushing firmly until resistance is felt.

The retention tab will 'click' when the HDD has seated properly.

Slide the server back

Slide the server back into the rack.

If the green retention plunger is still in the upright position, twist it 90 degrees to release it. This will secure the server.

Connect the 10G NIC cable

Connect the 10G NIC cable.

Power On the Server

Press the power button to power-on the server.