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How To Access A VPS Via Ssh On Rapid.Space

How to Access a VPS via ssh on Rapid.Space.
  • Last Update:2021-05-20
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

How to Access a VPS via ssh on Rapid.Space



  • Prerequisites
  • Access Hosting Subscription
  • Get ssh URL
  • Access with ssh


Before you start, you have to ensure that the IPv6 is installed to the machine. In order to connect to the machine, you also need to install IPv6 on your own PC. 

Access Hosting Subscription


Once received your requested VPS (How to Request a Rapid.Space VPS), there will be a subscription for you in your Services list. Please enter the hosting subscription of your VPS.

Get ssh URL

You can find your VM's IP in Connection Parameters

Access with ssh

ssh [your_username]@[your_IP]

If you have installed IPv6(XXX HowTo Install IPv6 inside the VM) and ssh server (apt install openssh-server) inside your VM, you can now access it with the command.