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How to Access your Services in Rapid.Space Panel

How to access a specific Service(VPS) using Rapid.Space Panel and use the search feature and how to use short titles
  • Last Update:2021-08-31
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Access Panel
  • Add Short Title
  • Verify Short Title

This tutorial teaches how to access your services (VPS) in Rapid Space Panel, including using short titles to identify the services and using the search bar to locate the services.

Access Panel

πŸ”— Rapid Space Panel

Here is an example of a user with 10 VPSs. Since the titles of the VPSs are given automatically and cannot be modified, user is able to edit the short title for each service to identify the services as the screenshot do. You will learn how to add a short title for your service and how to search for a certain service. Please click one of your service to load the detail page. 

Add Short Title

On the hosting subscription detail page, you will find a blank for Short Title. Here, for example, since the VPS is running an ERP5, the Short Title is fulfilled with "EPR5". After you add the name for your service, please click Save button on the toolbar. Your edited content will be saved. Now you can go back to your services list to verify.

Verify Short Title

πŸ”— Rapid Space Panel

Your services will be all listed on your services list as in the previous screenshot. In order to find the certain service (ERP5, for example), you can input a keyword into the search bar and press enter on your keyboard to have the search result.