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How To Create User in Slapos Master

How To Create User in Slapos Master
  • Last Update:2021-09-03
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Request User Creation
  • Validate Contract
  • Verification

To use services provides on a SlapOS network, users are required to register. The SlapOS Dashboard provides a registration form (described here) as well as several social media logins (should not be used) to register and create an account in the person_module of a SlapOS Master.

Note, that some Masters such as Vifib will charge for usage of their network and only activate accounts manually after settlement of an initial invoice. By default activation is done automatically once the user verifies his email address.

SlapOS Master - Login

SlapOS Interface - Dashboard Login

Go to your SlapOS Master Dashboard ([IPv4]/erp5/web_site_module/hostingjs/ - make sure to not forget the trailing slash). Note, that to register a new user through the SlapOS Dashboard, you need to be logged out of the underlying ERP5 interface. To start the login, click Create New Account.

SlapOS Master - Register New User

SlapOS Interface - User Registration

Fill out all the required fields and click Register New User. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account. Click on the activation link in this message to confirm your email address.

SlapOS User - Activation Pending

SlapOS Interface - Login Screen Pending Activation

Note, make sure to check your spam folder for the activation email message as it is sometimes ending up there. In the email you received, click the activation link which will send you back to the login screen. You will receive a second email (!) telling you that your account has been activated and is accessible.

Note, that the redirect url is still malformed at the time of writing! Please login at [IPv4]/erp5/web_site_module/hostingjs/ to not get a rendering error. In case you have inadvertently tried to login, please logout again and login at the correct url!

SlapOS User - Dashboard

SlapOS Interface - Dashboard User

Once your account is activated you can access the SlapOS Dashboard with the credentials you selected. Also note that this is an empty user account without any servers or services.

Validate SlapOS User Contract

SlapOS Interface - Cloud Contract Module SlapOS Interface - Validate Cloud Contract

The SlapOS user you just created isn't allowed to instantiate any service until its contract is validated (for a commercial use of SlapOS, you wouldn't want anyone to be able to instantiate something before checking he will be able to pay).

In order to validate the contract, you must first logout from your user account and log back to SlapOS ERP5 master at https://[IPv4]/erp5/login_form with "zope" user (= super user). Then go to https://[IPv4]/erp5/cloud_contract_module and type "%" in the Title search bar and type Enter. You should see one contract for the user you just registered.

Click on the contract, then Action - Validate as seen on the screenshot. Your user is now authorized to instantiate services. 


The setup of SlapOS Master is complete. You can now start to request services available on your network.