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How To Proceed A Service Takeover (KVM/Theia)

Proceed A Service Takeover. Here we take KVM as an example, but it can apply to Theia as well.
  • Last Update:2022-12-22
  • Version:001
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How To Proceed A Service Takeover

When you have a resilient webrunner or resilient kvm, you have actually 3 instances running:

  • master instance (runner0 or kvm0): where the services are running
  • PBS : where the backup is stored
  • clone instance (runner1 or kvm1): where the services are cloned each day

If for some reason, you want to move your services from master to clone (because master is down, master is overloaded, ...), you need to follow the following steps. If you do the takeover procedure, your services won't run anymore on the previous master.

Access Panel

Access the panel via panel.rapid.space. The Services page is here for you.

Access KVM Hosting Subscription

You will find the takeover URL (IPv6 address) in the connection parameters of your instance (either "takeover-runner-1-url" or "takeover-kvm-1-url"). Please see also the takeover password ("takeover-runner-1-password" or "takeover-kvm-1-password"), you will need it later.

Access Takeover URL (IPv6 Required)

On the takeover URL, you should see something like this.

Verify Backup

In the takeover interface, you will see the last valid backup date. Make sure the date is OK and you won't lose any data. Also, you should read the log from the importer (the script that copy the data, compiles and deploy the services in the clone). The login/password to see the importer log is the same as the monitor. You will find the password in the "monitor-setup-url" connection parameter.

Note: the backup is done once per day by default. You can change this setting in the parameter "Periodicity of backup" of your instance. For example setting this parameter to "0 * * * *" will run the backup each hour.

For KVM, this backup will backup your virtual disk (so meaning the whole VM). For webrunner, the backup will only copy what is inside ~/srv/backup directory.


If the backup is OK, you can paste the takeover password and click on the red button "Take Over".

Verify Takeover

Now you have to wait for resiliency to replace your master. The original kvm0 (or runner0) will be rename to "broken" and the kvm1 (or runner1) will be renamed to kvm0 and a new clone will be requested. Once the process is over, the system will be readjusted and your access will be moved to the new master.

Since your services changed the computer where they run on, they changed their IPv6.

If you have a webrunner, you should redeploy your services inside the webrunner so that they know about the change. Also, you will need to change all the frontends pointing to your services (especially, the custom frontend if you have one).

If you have a KVM, you may need to update the IPv6 inside your machine  if you used IPv6 provided by Rapid.Space.