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How To Supply A Software To A Computer (KVM)

How to Supply A Software To A Computer (KVM)
  • Last Update:2022-02-02
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Access Panel

Access the panel via panel.rapid.space. The Services page is here for you.

Access Servers List

Entered in "Servers" from the left panel, your prepared servers will be listed on the server list. If you don't know how to have your server listed here, there is a XXX howto you can refer. 

Click the server which you are going to supply software on. 

Supply new Software

The view page of computer contains all the information about the server. The software (KVM) you are going to supply will be listed in Supplied Software soon. Let's click Supply button on the tool bar. 

Select Software: KVM

The software products listed here all can be supplied on your server. Here we take KVM as an example: Click KVM, then select the lasted version of KVM (1.0.168 for example).  


Confirm Supply

Click the Proceed button to confirm the supply. 

New Software KVM Installation Created

After proceed, it leads to a page listed software installation information. Now you can click your computer ("slap-node-kvm" for example), to verify your supplied software KVM. 

Verify Software Supplied

The supplied software KVM is listed on your Supplied Softwares and it is supplied to your computer too. The installation of the KVM is on a specific node. Once the status of the supplied software is green, it means the buildout of the software is reached, then you can request the software from Services on your computer.