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How To Access Information On Existing Instances in Command Line

How to get information on existing instances in the command line.
  • Last Update:2023-03-13
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Prerequesite
  • List existing instances
  • Access more info on a particular instance



List existing instances

In your terminal, run the following command.

    $ slapos service list

You will see a list of instance names and their associated software URL.

Get more info on a particular instance

Run the command

    $ slapos service info MyInstance

Replace MyInstance with the name of any instance displayed by slapos service list

Take care to surround the name with double-quotes if it contains spaces, like this:

       $ slapos service info "My Instance With A Multi-Word Name"

The output contains:

  • The software URL (the location of the buildout file that describes how to install and run the service)
  • The state of the instance (started, stopped, etc)
  • The instance parameters (input parameters)
  • The connection parameters (output parameters)