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How To Add New Site

How to add a new site on Rapid.Space panel
  • Last Update:2021-03-19
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


  • Login to Rapid.Space Panel
  • Sites Menu
  • Add New Site
  • Add Site Geo-coordinates

Sites correspond to an organisation in the underlying ERP5 Interface a site, because organisations can have geo-coordinates. Sites are used to locate computers on a map.

Login to Rapid.Space Panel

SlapOS Dashboard - Login

Log into the Rapid.Space Panel.

Sites Menu

SlapOS Dashboard - Sites

Locate the Sites entry on the side panel which will take you to the list of declared sites.

Add New Site

SlapOS Dashboard - Add A Site

To add a new site, locate the Add button in the sub-header. Click to add a new site.

Add Organisation

SlapOS Dashboard - Name the Site

Give a name to your site (organisation), then click Proceed

Site Created

SlapOS Dashboard - Create Site

You will be forwarded to the new site you created. Notice it does not have any geo-coordinates yet and the status fields for computers and partitions on this site are also grey (indicating no info available or no items).

Add Site Geo-coordinates

SlapOS Dashboard - Add Site Geocoordinates

Next, find the site's geo-coordinates (for example using gps-coordinates.net), add them to the site and click Save. You will have to refresh the page for the map to update.

Once the site is created, to associate a computer with this site, please follow How To Associate A Computer.

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