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HowTo Apply ICP License For My Website

How to request an ICP license number for your website hosted on Rapid.Space VM in China
  • Last Update:2020-08-21
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

According to the Telecommunications Regulations of the People's Republic of China (中华人民共和国电信条例), any website that is hosting in China should obtain ICP license that can usually be found on the bottom of the front website page.

There are two types of ICP license  (source: wikipedia ICP license) : 

  • ICP licence for commercial websites, which cover any website offering goods or services to customers. These numbers follow the format 京ICP证12345678号 (in this example, "京" represents Beijing).
  • ICP filing (ICP 备案) for non-commercial websites which are purely informational and are not involved in direct sales. These numbers follow the format 京ICP备12345678号 (in this example, "京" represents Beijing).

Rapid.Space team is here to help you applying ICP filing (ICP 备案) for your non-commercial website. Please contact Rapid.Space to request ICP filing (ICP 备案) and Rapid.Space team will send you documents that needs to be filled up.  

Step 1: Prepare documents

  • Authorization letter of the person in charge of the website: 网站负责人授权书(2020版)
  • Web site record information authenticity checklist: 网站备案信息真实性核验单
  • Internet Information Service Record Commitment: 互联网信息服务备案承诺书
  • Color scan copy of legal representative's ID card: 法人彩色身份证扫描件
  • Color scan copy of business license: 营业执照彩色扫描件
  • Color scan copy of ID card of the person in charge of website: 网站负责人彩色身份证扫描件
  • Photo of the person in charge of website (with background sent by Rapid.Space ) : 网站负责人核验照


  1. Business license copy is not needed if the website is belong to individual person
  2. Please contact Rapid.Space team if not sure your IP address
  3. The individual person or the legal organisation should be the owner of the domain for which you want to apply ICP license
  4. Please contact Rapid.Space team to send the background for photo shooting or you can visit Rapid.Space's assigned address in Shanghai to take photo.

Step 2: Send documents to Rapid.Space

Please send scanned copy of all documents to Rapid.Space team. Please also keep the hard copy in case you are required to send it by post to the assigned address. 

Step 3: Receive your ICP license number and add to your website

You will normally receive your ICP license number in 15 working days. Once you received it, please add the ICP license number on the bottom of your website with the link to the http://www.miibeian.gov.cn/, for example: