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HowTo Erase My Data

How to erase your data before leaving RapidSpace
  • Last Update:2020-03-16
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

RapidSpace doesn't erase your data after you leave us. You need to do it yourself. We just erase a little bit of data so that the disk is not bootable : https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/slapos/blob/965658082bc2c9b1b63ea15715082167e6c260af/software/kvm/instance-kvm.cfg.jinja2#L832)


If you have some private data, you should ensure to remove it properly from the disk before ending your VM:


  1. boot on Ubuntu 18.04 image (see rapidspace-HowTo.Install.Operating.System)
  2. try live image
  3. open a terminal
  4. follow https://dominicm.com/securely-wipe-disk-dd-linux/