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HowTo Use Premium CDN Service

How to use a premium-level CDN service for your frontend.
  • Last Update:2023-03-07
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

Besides the free version of CDN service, Rapid.Space also provide a premium-level CDN frontend service (Rapid.CDN) for professional needs.

Domain configuration

In order to configure domain www.example.com to be used with Rapid.CDN the DNS entry has to be set as:

www.example.com IN CNAME world.geoip.nxdcdn.com

This works for all subdomains, like app.example.com, and also for wildcards like *.example.com.

SLA: Rapid.CDN provides full support and monitors the Rapid.CDN nodes to assure that such configuration is always working.

Top-level domain support

Rapid.Space advises to setup the reply while accessing:

  • http://example.com
  • https://example.com

To be redirection to:

  • https://www.example.com/

Thanks to this all features of Rapid.CDN will be used.

But the top-level domain has to live somewhere, and of course can be served by Rapid.CDN.

Rapid.CDN provided IP

The current DNS configuration is:

example.com IN A

example.com IN A

The TTL value has been omitted, as it shall follow typical DNS configuration of the provider.

SLA: For this configuration Rapid.CDN provides only best effort support, as there are some critical cases, which can lead to this IP being unavailable, due to machine or datacenter failure.

Note: Despite that those IPs are located in well supported datacenters, it can change any time. In such case Rapid.Space will update this how-to and also publish status.rapid.space update.

Externally provided IP

Rapid.CDN does not provide a solution for geographically smart and zone failover IP (like for example it would be used with AnyCast supported service provider).

If customer requires such solution for it's top-level domain example.com one can use other hosting provider to setup proposed redirection to https://www.example.com/

Choosing proper hosting provider will allow to have always working IP for top-level domain, which will lead to high SLA for top-level domain.

Instance request

Currently you can't request a hosting on Rapid.CDN by yourself, like it's possible for the free variant. In order to keep high quality of the premium service Rapid.Space operators are configuring the service for you.

In order to request the service creation or change you need to create a ticket in the panel. Such template for creation or request can be used:

Ticket Type: Information

Subject: Rapid.CDN www.example.com instance request

Your message:

For domain www.example.com I need to have a Rapid.CDN frontend instance.

The backend url is https://backend.example.com:8989/

The instance type is default.

I need such additional configuration:

  • https-only: false
  • server-alias: example.com

You can use this template for both creation of new frontend instances and update of existing ones.

The Rapid.Space operators will contact you and will create the instance for you.

Handling SSL certificates

You can choose who shall handle SSL certificates. You can obtain them by yourself from any provider or negotiate with Rapid.Space becoming the SSL certificate broker for you.

Your own certificate handling

You'll need to transmit the certificate, key and intermediate certificates to the Rapid.Space team, for example by using support request.

Rapid.Space as a SSL certificate broker

Rapid.Space can act as a SSL certificate broker. In that case certificate creation and renewal will happen automatically.