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How To Configure ORS With Root Access

Configure ORS with root access
  • Last Update:2024-02-20
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

How to use Amarisoft software

Please read the provided Amarisoft documentation to learn how to use their software.

We have also written a very basic tutorial which can help you getting started:

Default provided configuration files

Rapid.Space will provide default configuration files:

  • /root/config-amarisoft/enb/ors-config/enb.TDDXXXX.cfg : eNB configuration
  • /root/config-amarisoft/mme/ors-config/mme-ims.cfg: MME configuration
  • /root/config-amarisoft/mme/ors-config/ue_db-ims.cfg: Sim Card Database configuration

Symbolic links are also made to /root/enb/config/enb.cfg and /root/mme/config/mme.cfg

If you do not have the "config-amarisoft" folder, please clone it:

root@orsXX:~# git clone https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/config-amarisoft.git

To make sure you get our latest updates, you can update the config-amarisoft repository before using it:

root@orsXX:~# cd ~/config-amarisoft
root@orsXX:~/config-amarisoft# git pull

Switch between 4G and 5G

To switch between 4G and 5G, you can make symbolic links from either eNB configuration files or gNB configuration files:

root@orsXX:~# cd ~/enb/config
root@orsXX:~# ln -sf ~/config-amarisoft/enb/ors-config/enb.XXX.cfg enb.cfg
root@orsXX:~# ln -sf ~/config-amarisoft/enb/ors-config/gnb.XXX.cfg enb.cfg

You do not need to change core network configuration when switching between 4G and 5G.

Log location

While amarisoft is running, you can find logs in /tmp/enb.log, /tmp/gnb.log or /tmp/mme.log.
After amarisoft has finished running logs will be copied to /var/log/lte
You can also use Amarisoft web interface to read the logs, please check Amarisoft documentation.

Please read How To Interpret ORS Logs to learn how to interpret the logs.

Important parameter for 5G

Please make sure you have "dpc_snr_target: 25," in your "pucch" section and in your "pusch" section.
This is a very important option which will make the UE continously adjust its power in a closed loop instead of adjusting it only at the beginning.
That way, if the UE is close it will emit less, and if the UE is far it will emit more.

Change TX gain

When you change TX gain you need to change the following values in 4G and 5G:

  • 4G: In sib2_3.asn file:  referenceSignalPower tx_gain - OFFSET
  • 5G: In gnb.cfg file: ss_pbch_block_power: tx_gain - OFFSET

OFFSET is equal to 54 if your ORS is a 2 x 1W and 35 if you have a 2 x 0.5W
This is important for eNB / gNB to communicate it's signal power so that the UE can deduce how far eNB / gNB is and adjust it's power consquently.

Adjust RX gain

To adjust RX gain, please go in the enb screen and type "t spl", the "MAX" values you see for the RX antennas should never reach 0 and should be around -10.

License error 1

If Amarisoft exits in a bad state you might have some leftovers lock files, this can cause license error 1 when running Amarisoft.

If you encounter this error please remove the lock files with the following command:

root@orsXX:~# rm -rf /tmp/.lte*

Update Amarisoft

To update amarisoft, please use the install-amarisoft.sh script. Due to an issue with ORS FPGA, you currently need to provide 2021 binaries to this script as well as the recent ones.

First copy both binaries to your ORS:

laptop:~/Downloads# scp amarisoft.2021-XX-XX.tar.gz orsXXX:
laptop:~/Downloads# scp amarisoft.2023-XX-XX.tar.gz orsXXX:
Then, make sure the "config-amarisoft" git is up to date:
root@orsXX:~# cd ~/config-amarisoft
root@orsXX:~/config-amarisoft# git pull
Or clone the git if you do not yet have the "config-amarisoft" folder:
root@orsXX:~# git clone https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/config-amarisoft.git
Then run the script on the ORS:
root@orsXX:~# config-amarisoft/install-amarisoft.sh amarisoft.2021-XX-XX.tar.gz amarisoft.2023-XX-XX.tar.gz

Update FPGA

If you get an error saying your FPGA is not up to date, please send us an email and we will provide you the procedure to update your FPGA.