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How To Troubleshoot UE Not Attaching to ORS

The process to test your ORS on 4G/5G
  • Last Update:2024-02-20
  • Version:001
  • Language:en


Check that the services are green

Please check on the panel that the services are green before attempting any UE attach. This requires the ORS to be connected to Internet.

If a service is not green, then please click on "monitor-setup-url" to go to the monitoring app and see which promises fail. This will give you indication on what is going on.

Note: It is also possible to attach a UE without having the ORS connected to internet but troubleshooting requires ORS to be connected

Check the antennas are correctly installed

Please refer to Power on your ORS

Check your phone has one of the SIM cards we sent you

Check APN parameters

Please refer to How To Test Your ORS

Check your smartphone supports the band configured on your ORS

You can use this website to check: https://phonedb.net/

Check if the smartphone is known to not work with ORS

You can check our ORS UE Compatibility Page

Check nothing else is emitting in the same frequency and same PLMN

If another eNB or gNB is emitting nearby in the same frequency it might create some interference. Also, if you have another ORS for instance emitting with the same PLMN ID then you will need to change the PLMN ID or turn it off. It is possible to have multiple ORS emitting with the same PLMN ID after having configured handover but if you are troubleshooting your UE not attaching you should first test one ORS only.

Scan available networks

Phones usually include the option to scan available networks and force a connection attempt. You will need to look for an option for disabling "Automatically detect networks" in your SIM or mobile parameters. You will need to enable roaming.

Then please check if you see the ORS network. If you are using the default PLMN ID (00101), then the network should have one of the following names:

  • Test Network
  • 00101
  • The network name configured (Rapid.Space by default)

You can then click on the network and see if UE manages to attach.

Check your tx gain value

Please refer to ORS TX/RX Gain Page and choose a value for your version of ORS which doesn't have a high EVM. If you are indoors we recommand to try smaller TX gain values first. In general, we suggest lowering the TX gain when troubleshooting UE attach,

Bring UE close to ORS

To troubleshoot UE attach, we recommand using a low gain of only around 100 micro Watts and brining the UE a couple of meters away from ORS without any obstacle.

Some versions of Oneplus 8T has issues with 5G

If you are using OxygenOS 12+ on a Oneplus 8T then the 5G will most likely not work properly