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HowTo Find Perfect Hosting Environment

How to find a suitable hosting environment for your OCP machines
  • Last Update:2021-05-03
  • Version:003
  • Language:en

A suitable hosting environment is very critical for your OCP machines. 

General environment

The OCP machines should be hosted in a location with: 

  • mild temperature: OCP server can running without cooling system if the temperature is <35 °C
  • good ventilation
  • good air quality or equipped with air filtration system in the hosting location (for example, many OCP servers have built-in Mellanox cards with immersion silver PCB, under certain environment with high sulfur in the air, such Mellanox card could have creep corrosion.)

Load bearing

If the hosting location is not on the ground floor with concrete floor, then it is important to check the load bearing of the floor. It should be able to support the weight of the rack with full machines and accessories, such as:

  • Rack
  • ESA Kit: ≈ 117 kg for 16OU 
  • Server (including SSD, CPU, RAM, Heatsink, NIC) ≈ 7.1 kg/server
  • PSU + Power shelf: ≈18 kg to supply to 16OU
  • Switch
  • Cables

Size and Space

If the open rack will be hosted in a free space, just make sure the open rack can fit in to the space is enough. 

If choose hosting in an existing cabinet, the size of the cabinet should be checked in advance in order to be sure the ESA Kit can be fit in, for example: 

  • Width: 19' or 21'
  • Height: ≈ 20 RU (20X44.45mm=889mm) for 16OU
  • Internal Depth: >=1000mm
  • Back of the cabinet: closed or opened

Power Supply

The rack should be supplied with specific power cable. Usually, it is preferable to have three phase CEE plug (400v, 32A). So, It is important to check in advance: 

  • Voltage
  • Amp
  • Maximum KW allowed for the cabinet/rack (for example, one Tiogapass server consume around 300w.) 
  • Power Type: one phase or three-phases
  • Power Socket: Grounded or not; plug type

If needed, it is also possible to fabricate customized cable with the schema here: 

  • For one-phase power supply hosting site, the schema is Rack Input Cable Schema For Single Phase 20190712
  • For three-phase power supply hosting site, the schema is XX.
  • Attention: on both schema,  replace the Phoenix connector with reference 1967508  and adapt the component No.2 to the hosting site plug type. 


  • Static IP connectivity with 1 (/30) to 30 (/27) IPv4 addresses
  • Delivery interface : 1Gbps (coper or single-mode fiber) or 10Gbps Ethernet port (single-mode fiber only),
  • Actual bandwidth usage would be commited to 10Mbps, 100Mbps or 1Gbps measured at 95th percentile 
  • If a CPE is provided, please ensure its specification (size, power supply)
  • Specify the limite of responsability (eg. passive patch-cord or patch panel)
  • In case a cross-connect is required between the ISP and Rapid.Space' rack, check its lead time and associated costs


Stocking area

The shipment of materials and tools could be on different time, it is necessary to communicate with the hosting site whether there's on-site stocking area, whether there's reception and management service for the stocking materials and also their working hours. 


The installation time for a full 16OU rack usually takes about 4-5 hours. It is important to communicate with the hosting site if they provide installing service and their working hours as well. Otherwise, skilled personnel should be prepared to do the installation. 

A list of installation tools are required on the day of Installation, please consult the page Howto Purchase Equipment for details. Sometimes hosting site already provide some of the listed tools, so it is strongly recommended to check that in advance as well. Otherwise, prepare your own tools and bring it to the site on installation day. 


Once the machines are connected and working on track, usually no more interferes are required. However, it is still necessary to confirm the on-site maintenance hand and keep the maintenance tools (Howto Purchase Equipment ) in the hand of the person who will assist maintenance, and confirm the process to apply accessing the hosting site in planned maintenance case and in urgent maintenance case. 

Download the Checklist

It's time to finding the perfect hosting environment for your node. Click here to download the hosting environment checklist.