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HowTo Become Rapid Space Povider

How to become Rapid Space provider of OCP servers
  • Last Update:2020-02-12
  • Version:002
  • Language:en

For those individual or company who would like to become provider of Rapid Space, here's an introduction of procedures that you can follow to set up your own OCP machines and running your rapid space services. 

Who is Rapid Space provider

Rapid Space provider could be individual or organisation or company, who ever want to join the Rapid Space Network to provide their OCP machine(s) to the public users at certain price.

Rapid Space manages this public platform in order to connect machine providers and end users, in the interest of maximizing the resources usage. 

A Rapid Space provider should be able to provide machines that comply with the Rapid Space machine standard, and fulfill some simple remote maintenance tasks following Rapid Space team requests. 

A Rapid Space provider can expect a monthly base profit transferred by Rapid Space Team once your machine is being rented by end users. 

Why become a Rapid Space provider

To gain profit from sharing extra high cost-efficiency high performance machines. 


Finding the perfect hosting site 

A hosting site of Rapid Space machines should consider the following element: 

  • load bearing of the floor: can support weight of the rack with full machines
  • size and space: depends on racks chosen
  • power supply: 3 phase CEE plug (400v, 32A) preferable
  • network supply: at least 1Gbps (better: 10Gbps)
  • the maximum KW that can be assigned to one rack: must be at least 5KW (but can be more depending on number of servers in the rack) 
  • IPv4 public addresses: 1-8 
  • accessible for remote support: must be accessible in case of urgency

Since there are different options of machine standard, we will introduce the details in: rapidspace-HowTo.Find.Perfect.Hosting.Environment

Purchase your own machines 

You can chose one of the following rack to host Rapid Space machines: 

  • 21' OCP rack (can have up to 42 machines, depending on power you can feed into it)
  • 19' EIA rack that you convert into an OCP rack thanks to ESA kit (can have up to 32 machines with 2x16OU ESA kits)

Then you must purchase the OCP servers to put inside the rack and the switch to connect them.

All the hardware specifications (with the minimum requirements) can be found on: rapidspace-HowTo.Equipment.Standard


Assembly and Plug your machines in the hosting site

Please consult the Machine Installation tutorial page: rapidspace-HowTo.Install.ESA.Kit.And.OCP.Servers?portal_skin=Slide

Installation of softwares

In order to provide standard rapid space service to end client, all machines should be installed with default OS, re6st and slapOS. Please find tutorials in Server Installation for a Partner 

Go online

Sign contract with Rapid Space Team

In order to have your machine running smoothly on rapid space platform, there are certain obligations should be fulfilled with Rapid Space Provider. The contract can be found here: XXX

Provide information to Rapid Space to make your machine online

After contract is signed, please provide the following information to Rapid Space Team: 

  • The name of the machine on SlapOS: this name should be of the form "location-model-figure" (ex: "hydro66-leopard-001" "xinzhou-tiogapass-015")

If you only installed OS on your machine, please provide the following information, so that Rapid Space Team can complete the installations: 

  • A way to access the server as root (IP + Password) 

Maintenance and remote support

Once your machine is online, you will receive confirmation from Rapid Space. 

Once your machine is ordered by end user, you will receive a notification. 

Once a month, you will receive payment from Rapid Space based on the machines that have been used by end users. 

If some remote maintenance is required, please follow procedure: Provide Remote Support  to coordinate with Rapid Space to support the maintenance.