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Open Radio Station - Getting Started

Open Radio Station - Getting Started
  • Last Update:2024-01-29
  • Version:001
  • Language:en

Open Radio Station - Getting Started

This tutorial explains how to get started with your Open Radio Station managed by the cloud.

Please first make sure you have received the email containing all the information on your ORS, if not, please contact us.

ORS and EDGEPOD BBU share the similar management approaches, until the dedicated EDGEPOD BBU page is created, you may refer to this page to adapt the case of EDGEPOD BBU. 

Powering on your ORS

Please read this tutorial before powering on your ORS, it is very important to plug it in the right order:

Connect your ORS to Internet without firewall

To manage your ORS, you will need to connect it to internet without any firewall:

If you wish to control it locally, there are multiple options:

  • Write your own software release to customize the operation of your ORS
  • Install your own SlapOS Master on your server (this takes time to setup)
  • Buy Root Access

Please contact us for any of these options

Default services on your ORS

Your ORS is initially configured with 5 different services:

  • orsXXX-enb / orsXXX-gnb: eNB (4G) and gNB (5G), only one of these should be running at a time
  • orsXXX-core-network: local core network (also called EPC, AMF or MME)
  • orsXXX-health: this services checks the computer health (CPU, memory, internet connection etc...), we also use it to monitor all the ORS on the panel so we strongly recommend you to leave it running
  • orsXXX-mail-server and orsXXX-conference: see "Private Whatsapp and Videoconferencing with ORS" section

How to change frequency, bandwidth, switch between 4G and 5G etc...

How to connect a phone to the ORS

Please read these two tutorials to learn how to connect a UE (User Equipment, phone / modem / etc...) to your ORS:

How to access ORS logs and monitor ORS

The radio and core network logs can be accessed through the monitoring interface of the ORS, please read the following tutorial to learn how

Connect a third party core network to your ORS

The ORS runs a local core network, but it is possible to connect it to any other standard core network:

Private Whatsapp and Videoconferencing with ORS

There are two additional edge cloud services we provide by default:

  • orsXXX-mail-server: allows instant-messaging through deltachat, a whatsapp-like app
  • orsXXX-conference: allows videoconferencing

 These services allow you to do instant messaging and videoconferencing only using the ORS, you can read this tutorial to learn how:

ORS Handbook

There are many more tutorials avaible on the ORS Handbook, be sure to check this page if you have any questions.

Get Support

If you need support, you can do one of the following options:

  • Create a ticket on panel.rapid.space
  • Send us a mail
  • Create a Telegram, Whatsapp or Wechat group with us